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Happy New Year friends!  I know it has been far too long, and I sadly don’t have a new recipe to share with you right this second.  Since everyone in the blogging world is looking back on 2010, I figured I would join in and do the same, and wish my readers a happy 2011!

It’s hard to believe that another year has passed already.  I feel like it went by in a blur.  So much happened last year: I changed jobs, started grad school (and survived my first semester!), made some fantastic new friends, spent a lot of time decorating my house (hard to believe we moved there a year and a half ago), and ate some amazing food.  I also have a new nephew to buy books for (what can I say, I want everyone to love reading as much as I do).

Since becoming besties with a couple that lives upstairs, Brad and I have become part of what we have called an informal supper club.  Our neighbors happen to love food just as much as we do, and we take turns having dinner in each others homes.  We also love to cook and bake together, and K happened to be my sous chef and taster extraordinaire when we were coming up for a recipe for my office’s bake off at our holiday party.  Sadly I came in second, but my Mexican chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel butter cream (I had no idea I could make a real butter cream!) were to die for.  At least in our eyes.

The holidays came and went in a blur (well technically New Year’s hasn’t happened yet), we had a flurry of parties to go to, final papers to write, and families to visit.  Once again we hosted Thanksgiving, and I feel that we get better at it each and every year.

I don’t ever make resolutions, as I believe that changing one’s habits should be an ongoing process that isn’t limited to beginning on every January 1st.  I have slowly gotten back into yoga (mostly for my sanity and lower back more than anything), and having a yoga buddy makes it even better.  I am hoping that 2011 will be a year of travel, I’m going to LA in March to visit one of my dearest friends, and Brad and I are hoping for an adventure this summer, to a yet to be determined location (we’re eying Europe at the moment).

I hope you all have a fantastic New Year!  I’ll be doing what I do best, eating a delicious meal with friends, drinking some good champagne, and watching fantastically trashy TV to ring in the new year.  Happy 2011!


I just wanted to give a quick update that I am still alive, and yes, still cooking.  I apologize for not having posted for a while, there are MANY things going on in the picky eatings household (no, I’m not pregnant), both good and bad, such as boil water restrictions, grad school applications, tennis playing, Red Sox games, fried ice cream eating, and other things that I can’t get in to just yet, but hopefully will have good news about soon!

I have quite a few great recipes in the pipeline (buffalo chicken burgers, chocolate beet cake, brownie bites), I just have not had the time to sit down and get all those pictures off my camera and online.  So bear with me, and I promise some good eating is coming your way!

It’s the moment you all (ok, maybe just a few) have been waiting for, I am finally sharing photos of my new cabinets!  Really the problem is  that my husband is always on the computer, so I have to sneak on and edit my photos in large batches so that I’ll be set for a while on recipes and updates.

So without further ado, I take you on a photo journey of what my kitchen used to look like, and what it looks like now.  And when I say kitchen, I really mean the outside wall of my kitchen, as I technically have a galley kitchen.

As you can see in the photo above, we had quite a mess along this wall.  To the left of this mess is our kitchen, and beyond it is the computer area/bedroom area.  This wall technically makes up a hallway, a really wide hallway that we had just crowded with kitchen junk.

This wire shelf has been with us forever.  I actually snagged it from the fibers studio back in college, as no one had claimed it.  As you can see, it housed all of my appliances that didn’t fit anywhere else.  Yes, we have two crockpots, of different size.  It’s important.

The cabinets came from Ikea, so we could match them to the current kitchen, so that meant boxes.  Lots and lots of boxes.  B and his brother-in-law put them together while I oversaw the whole operation.

Hard to believe, but this is where that ugly wire shelf once lived.  Magic, I know.  The real magic lies inside the cabinets.

Is that a pantry I see?  With shelves that are on rollers?  Why yes, yes it is.  Before my pantry was housed in the island, which was deep and you would have to lay on the floor and take out half the things in it just to get some strange item in the back.  Now everything is much better organized.

This is the magical baking shelf.  I am known to have at least four types of flour at any given time (cake, all-purpose, bread, and wheat).  Also, in the photo above this one, I am known to buy way too much kosher salt at Thanksgiving for the turkey brine.  I am terrified of not having enough ingredients when cooking a large meal.

The rest of the cabinets are for storage of other random things.  This one houses all of those appliances I was telling you about.  Now they fit much better into their new home.

The last one is open, so we can hang things and finally, FINALLY put the vacuum away.  We kind of need a new one, as this one is huge and won’t let us fit in storage containers for cat litter and cat food (we  still have some giant Tupperware containers floating around for those things, along with recycling).

But that, friends, is the end of my new cabinet tour.  My kitchen is now much happier.  What you didn’t see in the last cabinet is the giant orange bucket filled with 25 pounds of flour, as we’re going back to bread baking, in a fierce kind of way.  More on that later.

I guess this quick post is really for my Boston area friends, as we sadly don’t ship (which is why it’s not listed on ebay).  We’re finally parting ways with our vintage kitchen table and chairs.  As you may know, we got our fabulous farm table in the fall, and only now I have been able to admit that we really don’t need two tables (I was trying to convince myself that I would use the old one as a quilting table, but in reality I will just use the dining table).

Below is the link for the listing, if you or anyone you know is interested, just reply to the ad (or contact me).  I’d love to see it go to a good home!

Craigslist, it\’s magical

I promise not to rub it in all of your faces too much, but I wanted to share a little collage of our recent trip to Mexico.  As I said we were there for a week, just north of Playa del Carmen, and it was fantastic.  As B likes to point out to people, down there in the winter you just feel better, and once you get home you’re depressed and sick.

We’re making some big and exciting changes to the picky eatings kitchen!  And by kitchen I mean the kitchen in my condo.  We have some really wasted space, and an ugly wire shelf that shows every piece of equipment I use in my kitchen.  I will be sure to share some before and after photos once we are finished.


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