I’m Lindsey – a not so newlywed now, city girl by way of the country, and picky eater who loves to cook and bake, and is just trying to expand her palate, sort of.

I live in Boston and have an unholy love for shoes, and can sometimes be considered a crazy cat lady.  Baking is definitely one of my first loves, but cooking comes in at a close second.  I’m an artist who is married to an engineer, and said engineer likes to think he is an artist…

I love to travel to new places, I love a good book, beaches, bad television, and pop culture.

Contact me at: pickyeatings@gmail.com, I love feedback, comments, or just recipes you think I might like!

Visit my other blog, 14 foot ceilings, where I talk about other things, like books, life, and decorating my newly acquired loft.