It’s the moment you all (ok, maybe just a few) have been waiting for, I am finally sharing photos of my new cabinets!  Really the problem is  that my husband is always on the computer, so I have to sneak on and edit my photos in large batches so that I’ll be set for a while on recipes and updates.

So without further ado, I take you on a photo journey of what my kitchen used to look like, and what it looks like now.  And when I say kitchen, I really mean the outside wall of my kitchen, as I technically have a galley kitchen.

As you can see in the photo above, we had quite a mess along this wall.  To the left of this mess is our kitchen, and beyond it is the computer area/bedroom area.  This wall technically makes up a hallway, a really wide hallway that we had just crowded with kitchen junk.

This wire shelf has been with us forever.  I actually snagged it from the fibers studio back in college, as no one had claimed it.  As you can see, it housed all of my appliances that didn’t fit anywhere else.  Yes, we have two crockpots, of different size.  It’s important.

The cabinets came from Ikea, so we could match them to the current kitchen, so that meant boxes.  Lots and lots of boxes.  B and his brother-in-law put them together while I oversaw the whole operation.

Hard to believe, but this is where that ugly wire shelf once lived.  Magic, I know.  The real magic lies inside the cabinets.

Is that a pantry I see?  With shelves that are on rollers?  Why yes, yes it is.  Before my pantry was housed in the island, which was deep and you would have to lay on the floor and take out half the things in it just to get some strange item in the back.  Now everything is much better organized.

This is the magical baking shelf.  I am known to have at least four types of flour at any given time (cake, all-purpose, bread, and wheat).  Also, in the photo above this one, I am known to buy way too much kosher salt at Thanksgiving for the turkey brine.  I am terrified of not having enough ingredients when cooking a large meal.

The rest of the cabinets are for storage of other random things.  This one houses all of those appliances I was telling you about.  Now they fit much better into their new home.

The last one is open, so we can hang things and finally, FINALLY put the vacuum away.  We kind of need a new one, as this one is huge and won’t let us fit in storage containers for cat litter and cat food (we  still have some giant Tupperware containers floating around for those things, along with recycling).

But that, friends, is the end of my new cabinet tour.  My kitchen is now much happier.  What you didn’t see in the last cabinet is the giant orange bucket filled with 25 pounds of flour, as we’re going back to bread baking, in a fierce kind of way.  More on that later.