I have some recipes in the pipeline (not to mention an upcoming vacation to the tropics), but I wanted to share some of my favorite things on the internet right now.

Alejandra of Always Order Dessert, had two posts recently on food waste, and how to cut back on it.  The first one was her tips on reducing food waste, and the second post was a collaboration of readers comments.  Check out #4, from yours truly!

Grace of A Southern Grace is a girl after my own heart.  She is a southerner who is now a Yankee (and sometimes I wish I was a Yankee who lives in the South), and she knows her comfort food.  I’m in love with anything that has a ham hock involved, and her black eyed peas are no exception.  Edit: She is a southerner who lives in the land of Yankees, but is not actually a Yankee herself.

Adele over at Tales of the Basil Queen is a fellow Bostonian, although she is quite obviously much smarter than I, being a law student and all.  But even law students wake up to no heat in their apartment in winter (been there, done that) and also know the importance of a hearty baked pasta to get you through those Boston winters.

The fabulous Miss Neira is another local, and a fabulously stylish fashion student.  Check her out, she has great giveaways and tips to look your best without breaking the bank!

My girl Gabby is out on the West Coast, and not only is she fabulous, but she’s living my dream of going to culinary school.  She has the best outlook on life, is always getting into fun situations, and apparently has the best BFF ever.