As you may already know, I like to cook.  Quite a bit, in fact.  I also like to entertain.  Remember that housewarming party I had a few weeks back?  Well, I failed to take any pictures of anything.  But I promise, I do like to entertain, I’m not just making it up.

We like to host Thanksgiving – no travel, we get to cook, I get to pretend like I’m a low budget Martha Stewart for a day or something (maybe Sandra Lee?  I’m already thinking about my table scape.  Do they sell chargers at Christmas Tree Shops?), all that fun stuff.  We had 9 people and a baby 2 years ago (and of course, now that baby needs an actual chair), in our small dining room at our former apartment, borrowed table and all.  And fewer people last year, no borrowed table.

This year, things are going to change.  We are finally going to be able to fit 10 people comfortably around one table, and have 8 chairs to match!

As you can see, we recently received our brand spanking new custom built dining table.  We discovered a lovely man down in RI who makes them, at incredibly reasonable prices, David Ellison of the Lorimer Workshop.  He was very open throughout the process, having us pick the style, size, stain, level of finishedness (not a word), etc.  And then he delivered it himself on Tuesday!

I was unfortunately working late, but it was a wonderful sight to come home to.  I’m in love, and I never have been in love with a piece of furniture as much as this one.  I have of course been in love with various kitchen pieces (my KitchenAid, my LeCreuset dutch oven, etc.), but this is the first piece of furniture I have really connected with.

I can not wait to get my chairs, and share with you my overall vision, come to life!  Oh, and maybe some photos of dinner parties.  But like I said before, we all know I kind of fail at taking photos during events at home.