Now that you have my fabulous pesto recipe, you can make my pesto pasta!  The recipe comes from the Food Network Favorites cookbook.  I haven’t made too many other recipes from the book, but this one caught my eye immediately.

Not only is it fabulous pesto, which as we all know I only recently started eating, but it also has feta and tomatoes, and the occasional peas, when I’m feeling sassy.  The combination of pesto and feta is an amazing one, that super salty cheese combined with the garlicky basily pesto.  So good.

It’s perfect for summer bbqs, good for lunches, and you can enjoy it year round, as you can (sometimes) buy basil all the time, even if it is shipped in from god knows where.

Pesto Pasta

1 pound bow tie pasta
3/4 cup pesto
1/2 pint cherry tomatoes, halved
1 cup crumbled feta cheese
Peas, if you’re feeling sassy (and I use frozen and just boil them)

Cook your pasta according to the instructions on the box.  Drain, and run it under cold water so it’s not boiling hot.  No one likes hot pasta salad.

In a large serving bowl combine pasta, pesto, cheese, and peas.  If you need to, season with salt and pepper, and if it’s kind of dry, top off with a little olive oil.  Enjoy!