One of my favorite places in the world is Rockport, MA.  I spent many a childhood summer there, swimming in the FREEZING cold water of the North Shore of Mass, not eating seafood, eating tons of fudge and candy, and in general just loving it.  One summer, my childhood best friend and I were given money by our mothers to go get ourselves dinner (our families would vacation there together all the time), and instead we had giant ice cream sundaes for dinner.

So it’s no surprise that I still love Rockport, and I really love the fact that I now live about an hour’s car drive away.  Yes, I could take the train (and I did that in college), but driving up isn’t really all that bad, and parking isn’t THAT hard to come by up there.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Rockport is a small fishing village on Cape Ann, MA.  It has kept much of it’s charm, and is not commercialized, and for many, many years was a dry town.  I now have even more reason to go up there, as my childhood best friend AND her mother both own houses up there.  I smell summer vacation 2010…

During our staycation, one thing we did on a whim was drive up to Rockport for an afternoon.  We walked around town a bit (and naturally I managed to forget my camera in the car for that, and thus have no pictures), had a drink at my friend’s house, and then went out for fried seafood.  We ended up at the Lobster Pool, a clam shack of sorts that was in a beautiful location right on the water.  It had indoor and outdoor seating, counter service, was BYOB (as everything in Rockport tends to be), and completely crowded, which means that it’s got to be good.

We got there around sunset, and were unable to find a table outside.  They have tons of picnic tables (and a guy making smores from a campfire) outside, but we were able to grab a table inside.  They have everything from fresh lobster to fried anything, to salads and clam chowder.

Being the non seafood eater that I am, I opted for my usual chicken tenders and clam chowder, and my husband got the MINI fisherman’s platter.  And it’s a good thing he got the small one, as that thing was packed with fried goodness.  He didn’t even come close to finishing the thing.  It took us a while to get our food, but the people in front of us each ordered 2 lobsters a piece and tons of other things (I’m not even joking, they each spent well over $100), so we got to just sit around and chat and take in the atmosphere.  Instead of stuffing ourselves silly we just ate to capacity (not over) and then drove home, and made awesome time, by the way.

All in all it was a great day, and my husband FINALLY got his fried seafood he had been craving.