It’s hard to believe that just one year ago I posted my first recipe here on picky eatings.  I haven’t made millions yet (not that I’m holding my breath on that one), but I have gotten better at taking photos of my food, I’ve discovered some amazing blogs, met some great people, and challenged myself with new recipes.

In honor of my blogiversary, I thought I would make something totally over the top.  Which I did.  Earlier this year I found the book Hello Cupcake at Costco (have I explained my love affair with that place?  If not, don’t ever bring it up, or I will talk your ear off), but never made anything out of it.  Normally I am into trying new flavors, but this book is all about regular cupcakes that are decorated adorably.  And I feel like I somewhat accomplished that.

This project started as any other I take on, I was excited, enthusiastic, and ready to work!  And by the end…well, you can probably tell that I did the bottoms first, and by the time I had found the missing candy pieces (and even had to make some substitutions, where is a good old fashioned candy store in a tourist locale when you need it?), I was ready to make dinner and be done with the cats.

The frosting wasn’t quite cooperating by the time I did the heads, which is too bad, because in the book they are quite a bit more adorable than what I got.  But at the same time, this was my first try with really creative decorative frosting.  Sure, I’ve done my fair share of cakes with fondant and scripty writing on them, and the occasional decorative frosting item here and there, but this one was quite a bit more labor intensive than anything else I have made in a while.  A long while.

And my husband kept telling me what he has always been telling me, since my freshman year of college when we first met, that you are never going to get it perfect on the first try, and you don’t learn unless you make mistakes.  Which I still never like to hear, as I WANT to be perfect on the first try, darn it!

Regardless I still think these are pretty darn cute, and it was a good solid effort on my part.  And now I know that certain kinds of candy are crazy difficult to find.  Ever think that Runts are easy to find?  Sure, they might be in the machine at the grocery store, but if you need 12 pink hearts you better bring a roll of quarters and hope you can get them, because you won’t find them in a box on any shelf, as far as I could see.

In short, it’s been a great year, I have another blog I am hoping to get going soon (focused a bit more on life, decorating, making the transition from walls and 8-9 foot ceilings to no walls and 14 foot ceilings and no more squeaky floors), so keep an eye out for that.  I hope for many more years of cooking and blogging about it, there are so many more recipes out there that I want to try!  I have a fabulous Indian dish I made last night (after the cupcakes were finished, we ate at about 9pm) that I will be posting soon, and if there is anything you want to see on here (my 2 regular readers, not including my mom, so 3 then), email me!  I am always looking for delicious new things to try!

If you want the instructions on the cat cupcakes, email me and I will send them to you, as they are long and somewhat complicated to type out.  On a Monday morning.

And of course, it couldn’t be a post about cat cupcakes without photos of my adorable cats…who are adjusting quite well to our new digs.