Are you looking for a most delicious meal, that is easy to make and won’t break the bank?  Then have I got one for you!  Chicken linguine (even the name is basic and to the point) is something my mom only started making within the last 10-ish years.  The first time she made it, my husband had come to visit me at my parents house, even before we were actually dating.  So it’s no wonder he stayed around and decided to marry me 🙂

The original recipe she has makes enough for a small army, and uses 2 pounds of pasta.  So that first time she made it, we had a TON.  And my husband happens to be of the didn’t-really-get-home-cooked-food-as-a-child-and-will-eat-just-about-anything variety.  And so he did.  And so he still does.

Which to me was strange, as my mom was always in the kitchen when I was growing up.  It might not have always been the most healthy of foods, but man, do I make a MEAN mac and cheese, all because of my mom.  So naturally I am always in the kitchen, making something from scratch.  The only food I like to order in is chinese food and Indian food (mainly because when you cook curry, your house smells like it for days).

But you didn’t come hear to read about all that, you came for the recipe.  This is something you can very easily whip up midweek, and have leftovers for days.

Chicken Linguine

1 pound of linguine (I use whole wheat, or whole grain)
1 pound of chicken breast (I like the thin sliced stuff), cut up into manageable pieces
olive oil
2 cloves garlic, diced
red pepper flakes (as much or as little as you like)
juice of 2 lemons
1/2 cup (or more or less, depends on how much sauce you want) low sodium chicken broth
handful chopped parsley
handful grated parmesan cheese (I didn’t have any, and used pecorino romano)

Start out by boiling the water for your pasta, as that always takes the longest for me.  Cook your pasta according to the instructions on the box.

Cut up your chicken, and set aside.  In a large skillet heat up enough olive oil to cover bottom of pan.  Add in garlic and sautee until tender, this should take a few minutes.  Add in salt (about a tsp. or so) and red pepper flakes (again, this depends on how hot or mild you like your food, I do about a tsp. or so), and cook for a minute.

Add in chicken and cook through.  Once chicken is pretty much cooked through, add in lemon juice, and quickly bring to a simmer.  Next add in chicken broth, and bring to a simmer again, yet let it simmer for 5-10 minutes.

Once pasta is cooked, either add the chicken mixture to the pasta, or vice versa, depending on how large your pot is.  Sprinkle in parsley and cheese, and mix together.  If you like lots of cheese, keep adding it in (I happen to add a ton of cheese, because I happen to love it).  And that’s it!  Simple, and dinner’s ready!