While my husband isn’t big on surprises, and I am into them, mostly in theory (I picked out my own engagement ring, and we exchange Christmas gifts as soon as we both have bought them), he truly surprised me the other day.  I came home from work, and he pointed to the computer screen and said “look.”  It was my blog, so I said, “yeah, it’s my blog.”  And it turns out, he bought me my domain!

He had mentioned I should see if pickyeatings.com was free a few weeks ago, and I saw that it was, but did nothing about it.  So he went and bought it for me!  So you can now get to my blog by visiting http://pickyeatings.com.  For some reason that won’t work with google reader, so if you want to add me on there, use my wordpress address, https://pickyeatings.wordpress.com.  We have some very web savvy friends who might be able to help me design my very own blog that isn’t hosted by wordpress or blogger.  That would be exciting, but we’ll see!

I just thought I would share that!  We’re off to the Poconos this weekend to stay with a friend who is a chef, so I hope to snowboard my heart out and eat his delicious food.  Happy long weekend!