My fabulous friend Kelley, over at my achy bakey heart, gave me an award, oh, back in November  I want to say.  And just like her, I thanked her, and then promptly did nothing about it.  She passed along an E for Excellent award (to me it looks like a video game rating, which it might just be modeled after), and I was delighted!

When I started my blog I figured my mom would maybe be the only one to read it.  Not so much the case.  I’ve had people from all over leave me lovely comments (and I recently set up an email, should you have burning questions you MUST know the answer to), and I’ve had many people just pass through.  I love the blogging world, you never know who you’re going to meet or what you’ll learn.  Or what you’ll drool over and want to cook.

Without further ado, I must now pass this award on to my favorite blogs:

The fabulous Laura Jean over at superhero.  Not only is she fabulous in every way possible (another June bride, just like me), she has the most adorable pug named Charles.

Jennrs over at cooking and getting in shape in the heartland.  Yet another June bride, Jenn is on a superfood kick.  And she has some tasty recipes to boot!

Beri over at Red Bullet.  Not only is she yet ANOTHER June bride (we all met on the knot, the internet is a wonderful thing), this girl is on a mega cleanse and I admire her amazing willpower as well as drive to rid her body of toxins, and to shed a few pounds along the way.  If you’re into cleanses (not really my thing), contact her!

Secret Agent Josephine is another favorite.  I don’t remember how I found her blog, but she has the most adorable daughter Bug, and she does some really amazing and fun looking art projects with her.  I also envy her for living in sunny CA while I’m stuck in the cold and snowy tundra.

Jen over at use real butter.  Not only does she take amazing photographs up in Colorado, she is the go to for daring bakers on high altitude cooking and baking.

Those are my top 5.  They should be in your google reader too!  And if you don’t have or use google reader, you should.  It’s changed my life, and now it’s so easy to follow and discover new blogs.