There is nothing I love more than a good margarita. My friend Amanda asked me to post my famous frozen margarita recipe (and really, it’s kind of the Barefoot Contessa’s, but who is keeping track), but I didn’t have the energy to break out the blender and the juicer the other night. So I turned to my new favorite, the blue margarita. I first encountered these on my honeymoon in Mexico this summer. Our favorite bartender, Alberto, made these, and I can see why he is famous for them. I immediately decided they needed to be recreated (much like when I went to Paris and ate nutella crepes at home for the remainder of that summer). Mine are much bluer than his (when I started making it I forgot just a splash of blue), but he has that special Mexican touch that I never will.

1 part good tequila
1 part triple sec (or cointreau if you want to be fancy)
1 part lime juice (you can use fresh, rose’s, or even margarita mix)
splash blue curaco

Basically you combine the 3 in a rocks glass, stir, and enjoy. Did I mention they’re saucy? You can also rim them with salt, but I’m not so much a fan of that.

A note on a few things. First, blue curaco is found in the triple sec section of any liquor store…when I bought it it took me a few tours of the ENTIRE place to find it…if the lighting isn’t so great, it looks like a regular bottle of triple sec. If you have trouble, just ask someone working there. You don’t want to buy some blue raspberry stuff, not the same at all.

Second, these are saucy and addictive. Just ask my brother in law. We had quite a few on the 4th of July. Be sure to use a decent tequila, Jose is alright, but if you can, find something better. I know there isn’t much of a market on tequila in the US, which is really too bad. My husband and I did a whole tequila tasting at the tequila bar at our hotel, and it is crazy how many varieties there are. Tequila isn’t just for shots, and don’t ever buy anything with the worm in it, that’s just tourist crap.